Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Whiskerville Animal Sanctuary

Wow, this small rescue/shelter/purveyor of many animal services (low cost vacinations to microchipping, enough to put large groups to shame) in Texas City, Tx (just northwest of Galveston, along Galveston Bay) accomplishes a lot with a very little (apparently the sanctuary founder, Wydell Dixon, with only 1 paid helper and some volunteers). I read he sanctuary has about 400 cats, rescues dogs as well as cats, finds homes for those she can and provides a home for the rest! Here's her report from their impressive (for their size) website:

"Post-Ike Whiskerville Update

Whiskerville's furry residents are safe and sound after weathering the battering from Ike. Our dogs were all evacuated thanks to our wonderful foster families and Darrell & Angela Bivens of The Pet Palace. Rest assured that just like during Rita, they were never left unattended. We did our best to prepare the building and shelter there with them. Just like after Rita, we once again found ourselves without power for a week, and did our best to make sure conditions were liveable, but of course the lack of circulating air was a serious stress upon our 400 cats in the sanctuary.

Our biggest item on the wish list at this time would be a continuous rollover power source that is capable of supporting our utilities so that our residents never have to go through this kind of stress again. Sadly, there seem to be no programs or grants that will help us with that, and we just haven't had enough financial support from the community to be able to keep our daily routine running AND afford the generator too.

Keep in mind that while we understand that our region is going through a huge recovery effort at this time, and many people have lost their own resources, we STILL need your help too. Don't forget the work we do for your community. Please consider donating to Whiskerville. We put so much of ourselves, our money, and our blood, sweat, and tears (too many these days) into rescuing and rehabilitating God's creatures. Remember that we can't do this without you. Please help us."

You can help them not only financially but by using to search the web, purchasing items at or and other ways (this small group is very enterprizing). Just click on the Donate to Whiskerville button on their website and it will bring up a page with these and other options including a paypal button

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Mishkat said...

I wanted to let you know that EFA-Artists Helping Animals has chosen Whiskerville as our October Charity of the month. Please see our post here:

This means that all the profits from our team shop at from October sales will go to Whiskerville - and many of our members will also donate a percentage of their Etsy sales to help. We are hoping to help them raise at least part of the money they need for a generator!

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