Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Noah's Ark Animal Sanctuary

This is an all volunteer shelter/sanctuary in Cypress, Tx (20 miles northwest of Houston)that takes in dogs, cats and other critters. They were hit hard by Hurricane Ike. This is from their website,

" Hurricane IKE and Tornado strikes Noah's Ark! Once again, Noah's Ark sprang into action to accommodate the pets of evacuees from yet another hurricane. Noah's Ark was hit very hard by Ike. The cat building is flooded, outside dog kennels and the horse barn are crushed by fallen 200 year old spider oak trees. 700' of 9' fencing was snapped at the base of anchor poles. The damage sustained intense!

PLEASE HELP US repair the Damage!

Incredible volunteers helped board the shelter to protect the dogs, cats, birds, horse barn and pigs from the storm. All dogs were sequestered inside during the storm.

After the storm devoted volunteers risked high water to get to the sanctuary to help clean up the devastation. During the power outage, they pushed heavy trash cans of fresh water to accommodate the dogs, cats and other animals seeking a safe refuge.

The dog kennels are destroyed by fallen limbs.

At the top of our Wish List is repairing the kennels and two new generators to power electricity to keep the water well operative for the cattery and housing the dogs during emergencies

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