Monday, September 29, 2008

"The Doghouse" needs clarified

I received the following email today from the owner of The Doghouse (and I copied my original post on The Doghouse below it):

"Thanks for your help and your compassion. I do take credit cards and I take
checks. The checks are actually easier for me to keep track of. They can be
made out to the Doghouse and sent to 10515 FM 1764, Santa Fe, TX 77510

I am keeping track of all donations and which dogs they helped and when we
get back to normal I'll send pictures and details to everyone.

I had thought things would slow down when evacuees were able to return to
their homes or home sites but I'm finding that a lot more dogs need a place
to stay while their owners rebuild. But things are not as frantic as they

We got our fences repaired yesterday and the weather finally cooled down a
bit so the dogs spent a lot of time outside. The ones that were really
homesick seemed so much better after a day of play.

After I did my 9 pm tuck in and bedtime treats all 40 dogs were silent - the
first time since Ike. I know some will be with us for a month or two and
after the response I've received I know all will be well.

Thanks again,
Alice "

People desperately need a place for their pets while they look for new homes
and jobs. It's hard for them to find the money to care for the family dog
when the storm didn't leave them a change of clothes, a roof over their head
or a vehicle. I am doing all that I can but need to make at least enough to
keep my doors open, the dog bowls full and pay my staff.

I'd be happy to send photos and stories of the dogs in need. Thanks
for any help, directions or hints you can give me.

If you can help, or know any person or business able to support some dogs
while their people get their lives back order, CONTACT:
Alice Russell,
409-925-K900; cell (doesn't work inside the Doghouse): 409-939-6750"

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