Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Desperate appeal from Cinnamon's Companions Animal Sanctuary

This certainly tugged at my heart--clearly this lady whose sanctuary is in New Caney, Tx (north of Houston) is desperate. This is cross-posted but most is on their website at

"Our organization has just survived Hurricane Ike; with no loss of life. Currently we have 50 adult cats and 15 kittens who now require transport to a waiting Sanctuary in California.

We have the transport vehicle to move them and the cages required but we need the funding to make this journey across country to get them to safety.

We are without electricity for up to 4 weeks due to the devastation here on the Gulf Coast. If we don't move these animals to the waiting Sanctuary in California, they are in danger of perishing from the heat and lack of supplies. The need has gone from urgent to critical. The stores are closed - we are unable to access food for the animals. We have a week's supply in stock. The state is bringing water in to local areas, but it is a battle to reach them due to the lack of gasoline.

The animals in the care of this organization fared well during what they are calling the Storm of the Century, and trust me, the devastation here is sickening. There is no power and there are no supplies. The desperation for basic necessities is very real. We are terrified.

This is a breakdown of the details of the trip for your review:

1. How many cats?
50 adults, 15 kittens

2. How will they be transported?
Chevrolet 3500 Passenger van with rear air conditioning (seats removed for cage space)

3. Who will transport them?
I will drive them myself with two volunteers - one relief driver and one to provide constant care for the animals.

4. Which Sanctuary will they be sent to?
'Not So' Purrrfect Angels Feline Sanctuary
7312 E. Church Ave.
PO Box 7679
Fresno, CA 93747-7679
(559) 255-1415
Director - Janice Rozzano cell (559) 392-3962

5. How long is the trip?
The trip is 1,792 miles one way. Through drive time is 25 hours. Round trip is 3,582 miles. Drive time is 50 hours.

Total cost of this trip is approximately $4000.00 all inclusive. We do have some funds available.....about $800.00.

Please forgive my apparent desperation. It is my responsibility to care for these beautiful souls. I have the means to keep these animals alive, safe and well, we just need the funding for the trip.

Please note our phone lines and electricity are working only sporadically so feel free to contact Janice @ ‘Not So’ Purrrfect Angels if you are unable to reach me directly.

Diana Romans,
President/Executive Director
Cinnamon's Companions Animal Sanctuary, Inc.
PO Box 417
New Caney, TX 77357
(281) 702-9812"


Mishkat said...

Thanks so much for featuring these smaller animal rescues! Very much appreciated!

SRM said...

Mishkat-your welcome. I see so many needs out there and these small groups just get left in the dust of the larger organizations that have lots of resources for getting contributions. I am glad we able to work together to get this information out as widely as possible.

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