Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Spindletop Refuge still really needs help

>>Spindletop Refuge has taken in lots of dogs, primarily bully breeds, pit bulls that deserve a chance, and have had nowhere else to go...they do a great job there, and rehome them whenever possible and appropriate.

Leah tells me they are having a tough time bouncing back from hurricane damage - and she herself was seriously injured by a horse during the cleanup efforts.

They could really use some donations now, to tide them over. Any amount will help take care of the almost two hundred dogs they have there, as well as rescue horses, and even a llama...

They have been shoveling two feet of mud out of their buildings by hand, because a bobcat rental would be $700...if anyone has a line on a bobcat they could use, that would be great.

But for the moment, if you could spare a few bucks, they could really, really use it. Leah has always done her part and taken pit bulls that nobody else wants - she rarely asks for help, but she has asked now...thanks for anything you can do.>>>

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