Friday, October 3, 2008

Donations for man killed trying to rescue dogs

As noted in the article in the previous post, the Houston group "No Paws Left Behind" is collecting donations for the man (Robert Emery -see earlier posts) who was killed trying to rescue three dogs stranded on a Houston freeway. It was noted that the funds may be used to provide burial for him if family is not found (this is an issue raised by authorities as the man was reported to be estranged from his family) so he doesn't have to have a pauper's burial. If not used for burial, then the funds would be used for a memorial for his selfless and brave deed.

Here is the website for No Paws Left Behind: There is a pay pal button marked "Donate" on the bottom left side of their home page.

I am really glad to see that this group has stepped up to accept contributions and handle burial or a memorial if that is not necessary. Every time I read about the heroic actions of this man tears well up in my eyes. I would hope that someone would rescue my dogs if they got into a precarious position like these dogs did. And, as I noted before, I have put myself in serious danger in order to rescue animals including waving off a semi-truck to the opposite lane on a rural 2 lane highway while I stood between 2 hostile young dachshunds and the truck. So I'm sure I identify with this poor man.

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Mishkat said...

It is so nice of them to do that. This is such a sad story...

And many thanks to you as well for stepping up to help animals in danger.

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